Miami Dolphins have several players they need to sign ahead of TC but who is the most important?

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Compounding the situation with Wilkins, the Miami Dolphins will have to make decisions on both Raekwon Davis and Zach Sieler who are both impending free agents after the 2023 season.

Of the two, Sieler is expected to be the hotter property. The Dolphins found a gem with Sieler who has been fantastic. But there is the question of whether or not he would be as good without Wilkins. That is a realistic question to ask because Miami could see it more financially responsible to keep Davis and Sieler instead of spending it all on Wilkins.

At some point, the Dolphins do need to make a decision on all three and that is a self created problem. The Dolphins could have locked Wilkins up last season for less money but opted instead to pay him on the 5th year option.

For Sieler, he is going to want to get paid this next off-season and Miami's only option to keep him would be to franchise tag him which is not going to happen. They should be working on a deal now that would keep in Miami for another 3-4 years, he has shown he is reliable and consistent.

As for Davis, I think Miami needs to see how his production this year plays out and then make a decision.