Miami Dolphins have several players they need to sign ahead of TC but who is the most important?

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The Miami Dolphins may be quietly contemplating the future of their three defensive tackles and while they have at least some time, that can't be said about Connor Williams.

Williams opted to skip mandatory OTAs earlier this month and there is a threat of him holding out of training camp. Williams holds a good hand here as the Dolphins don't have another quality center on the roster.

For Williams, the knowledge of Miami's offensive line issues also comes into play. Terron Armstead gets hurt, Austin Jackson is both injured and inconsistent. There is a hole at left guard and the only player that was consistent all season was Williams.

Williams is on the final year of his Dolphins contract and he wants to secure himself another year or two and the Dolphins should look hard at making that happen. Chris Grier isn't an offensive line type spender sans Armstead but his frugal nature has produced one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. Williams is a bright spot.

It is hard to imagine Williams holding out once camp arrives because the fines that are imposed can no longer be rescinded by league rules. What he loses in pay, remains lost and there is no guarantee that Grier will cave and give in.

Williams' decision to threaten a hold out isn't something new. Grier let this happen with Xavien Howard two seasons ago and gave Howard a new deal. If he does this again with Williams, he is starting a trend Miami doesn't want to deal with.

This is an interesting situation that warrants watching.