Miami Dolphins have several players they need to sign ahead of TC but who is the most important?

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While the Miami Dolphins contemplate what to do with their players that are looking for new deals, they have a couple that in all honesty, maybe shouldn't be around.

Keion Crossen and Cedrick Wilson, Jr. both are making a lot of money this year, $3 million for Crossen and $8 plus for Wilson.

Crossen's release would create $3.1 million in cap space and would give Miami enough to maybe throw at Williams. Wilson's release would save $2 million but Miami would eat quite a bit. The problem in terms of Wilson is there may not be enough room on the roster to keep him, for Crossen, it is the same issue.

The Dolphins could shift money around to create room for Dalvin Cook or to get Williams more money. They could reduce Wilkins 2023 cap and push money into the future on a new deal or they can restructure some deals, extend some others, and even cut some where needed.

It isn't clear what, if anything the Dolphins will do before training camp but it looking more and more likely that Cook signs somewhere else, Wilkins isn't extended, and we will be waiting out Sieler and Davis for another season. Williams, in reality, is the only decision that needs to be made now and even that reality puts Williams in a position to either play or lose the money he is expected to make this year.