Miami Dolphins have the 2nd highest odds to make the postseason according to ESPN

The Miami Dolphins are inching closer to an AFC East division title and that would mean a postseason birth for the first time since, last year.
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs / Alex Grimm/GettyImages

Don't look now but the Miami Dolphins have one of the best chances to make the playoffs in 2023 according to new stats from ESPN.

The playoff picture is far from decided but with each passing week, the picture starts to take a little more shape. It's that time of year when fans start getting their hopes up as the season unfolds in the 2nd half.

ESPN is releasing new analytic calculations as the season turns to the second half and the Dolphins are number two on the list.

The Chiefs have the best shot at making the playoffs with a 99% chance. Miami is 2nd with a 95% chance while the Ravens round out the top 3 with 91%. The Jaguars and Browns finish out the top five but with the loss of Deshaun Watson, it could get a lot more interesting.

The Dolphins also have a pretty good shot at winning their division. According to the same analytics, Miami has an 85% chance of winning the division. Consider the Ravens have a 56% chance despite the better record.

Everything falls off quite a bit from there. The next percentage is for clinching a bye week in the first round. The Chiefs have a 61% chance while the Dolphins, again in 2nd place have a mere 15% chance.

ESPN even threw out the odds for making the Super Bowl, not winning it, just making it. The Chiefs have a 39% chance while the Dolphins have a 21% chance.

Reality? If the Dolphins make the playoffs, they will have a one in eight chance of making the Super Bowl...simple math.