Miami Dolphins heading to Brazil in 2024 to open the season? There is speculation

The Miami Dolphins, according to speculation, could be opening the 2024 season on the road in Brazil.

Aug 21, 2016; Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL; Olympic flag is lowered during the closing ceremonies for the
Aug 21, 2016; Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL; Olympic flag is lowered during the closing ceremonies for the / James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report by ESPN International, there is growing speculation that the Miami Dolphins could open their 2024 season on the road, in Brazil.

Brazil is one of only a few countries where the Miami Dolphins have full rights to marketing through the NFL. They have a huge following in the South American country and there is a renewed belief that the well-received International Series will branch further out of Europe.

If the NFL plans to play a regular season game in Brazil, the Miami Dolphins make a lot of sense in that market.

The thought of Miami playing in Brazil is actually quite enticing but would the NFL take away a home game for the Dolphins in a year when they would only have 8 home games? That would seem unlogical on the surface.

With each team in the NFL holding 9 home games every other year, it would make more sense to use that year to remove a team from their own city to play overseas. This year the Kansas City Chiefs hosted the Dolphins in Germany. The Chiefs still held 8 games at Arrowhead.

The speculation is that the Dolphins would host a visiting team in Brazil and it would make even less sense for the NFL to have the Dolphins appear as the visiting team considering the marketing in the country that has held a strong following for the team.

Stranger things have happened of course in the NFL and there is no rhyme or reason behind what the league decided to do and not do.

In the video, the reporter states that logistically the first week of the season makes more sense given the film crews and television broadcast stuff. Perhaps that is because it is easier to do with more than a week lead time but what would happen if the Dolphins won the Super Bowl? Traditionally those games open the season on Thursday night. Surely the NFL wouldn't put Miami in Brazil that week. Or would they?

It will be interesting to keep an eye on this development and there is no reason to believe that if a game does end up in Brazil that Miami will be the team to play there. Teams with big followings across Europe do not necessarily make regular appearances each season in those countries.