Miami Dolphins keep one game lead in the AFC East while Patriots fall further

The Miami Dolphins may enjoy the lead in the AFC East for one more week but it is the Patriots who have fallen in the division.
Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins
Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

On Sunday, the Miami Dolphins channeled their inner "Remember the Titans" when they rolled out their tuddy celebration. The victory over the winless Panthers improved the Dolphins to a 5-1 record for the first time in 21 years.

Miami got off to a slow start before taking the game over. The win keeps them in first place within the division but the margin isn't very big.

Giants vs. Bills

The Bills improved to 4-2 after narrowly beating the Giants on Sunday Night Football. By narrowly we mean they should have lost that game if not for a non-holding call in the end zone with no time left on the clock.

Buffalo played from behind most of the night and looked horrible against the 1-5 Giants but it was New York that showed they wanted the game more. In the end, the Giants were not able to punch the ball in from the 1 yard line, the second time of the game they failed to do so and lost by four points.

The Bills will keep pace in the East and avoided dropping two games back on Miami. Next week they will face a Patriots team that simply has no answers for the 2023 season.

Patriots vs. Raiders

The long trip from Massachussetes to Nevada must have taken its toll on the Patriots, well not really, the Patriots have bumbled through the season so far and find themselves 1-5 to start the season. Bill Belichick's face can't get any more scowled on the sidelines.

The Patriots were horrible from the start and the Raiders were only marginally better. While the Patriots had a shot to at least tie it up late, they turned a 96 yard field into two points for the Raiders taking a safety.

Mac Jones didn't look horrible but he did look bad for most of the game and Belichick may just be phoning this season in. His best QB, Bailey Zappe wasn't even active for the game instead serving as the emergency QB. It seems that Belichick's ego is finally catching up with him.

Eagles vs. Jets

For the first time in their franchise history, the New York Jets beat the Eagles. Not at home or at Philadelphia, for the first time in history.

The Jets won on a powerful defensive scheme that forced Jalen Hurts into three turnovers and kept the mobile QB from making big plays. It took the entire game to pull it off but a late forced INT by the Jets turned the game into a victory and allowed the Jets to keep pace in the AFC East.

The Jets, now 3-3 are two games out of the AFC East and have two games left against the Dolphins.

What's coming next week for the AFC East?

Miami will travel to Philadelphia. They open as underdogs on the road and will face an Eagles team that is ticked off after losing Sunday.

Buffalo will take on the Patriots in Foxboro. A loss to the Patriots would send the AFC East into a spin but a loss by the Patriots will put a nail in their 2023 season that they may not be able to get out of. The Patriots will face Miami in Florida a week after that.

New York will take a victory into their bye week. Their next game will be in week 8 at home but technically the visiting team as they go up against the New York Giants.