Miami Dolphins linebacker Jerome Baker will avoid IR after his knee injury

The new for the Miami Dolphins and for Jerome Baker is good, at least to the fact he will avoid IR.
Miami Dolphins v Washington Commanders
Miami Dolphins v Washington Commanders / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Jerome Baker will not go on IR according to a report from His injury is being termed an MCL sprain and the Miami Dolphins should get him back later this year.

It didn't look good on Sunday when Baker was injured on the first touchdown by the Commanders. He was upended trying to make a play and Dolphins trainers eventually helped him off the field and into the tunnel. He didn't return to the game.

It was a quiet Monday with little information coming out about his injury but fears were pretty high from the fans. Miami held a workout with talented but troubled linebacker Reuben Foster leading some to speculate the Baker news wouldn't be good.

Now, it isn't anywhere near as bad as initially thought it might be.

There is no timetable for return and frankly, with the Titans and Jets on the horizon, the Dolphins' target should be after those two games depending on how he progresses.

McDaniel informed the media on Tuesday that he will avoid surgery and IR which puts his return at any point between now and the end of the season.

Baker was in good spirits on Monday tweeting that he was going to be back but did not provide details.

Baker has been playing some of his best football this year and clearly he has developed more consistency under Vic Fangio. That isn't a surprise given the coaching turnover the last several years.

With Baker missing time, the Dolphins will have to make adjustments. On Sunday, Duke Riley stepped in and called the defensive plays.