Miami Dolphins look to flip the narrative once again, is 4th time the charm?

By most accounts the Miami Dolphins have had a successful season. Winning double digit games in the National Football League is tough but the narrative around Miami's season will depend on the success over the next three week.
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins righted the ship last week against the hapless New York Jets setting themselves up for several late season showdowns that will define the 2023 season. 

Whether Dolphins fans want to admit it or not, this team has a reputation that needs to be changed. This season’s version of the Dolphins has, for the most part, handled their business each and every week. I won’t lie, the Tennessee loss was a gut punch. Not necessarily for the loss, but for the way they lost. It’s definitely making the road to the team’s goals that much harder. The national media would like you to believe the Dolphins are “frauds” because of three road losses against the previous year’s two Super Bowl participants and a road loss against a divisional opponent who made it to the AFC Divisional round last year. 

Does that make the Dolphins frauds? Maybe. Here’s the thing, they have all the power to change this narrative. The narrative itself doesn’t matter, but the next three games do. 

Miami has the opportunity to clinch something each of the next three weeks.

Beat the Cowboys at home this week, the Dolphins will punch their ticket to the playoffs. 

If they beat the Boys and then beat the Ravens the following week the Dolphins clinch the AFC east.

Beat both the Cowboys and Ravens then beat Buffalo in the season finale and the Dolphins would get a week off and the AFC road to the Super Bowl would go through Miami. 

None of the above is going to be easy. As Theordore Roosevelt said, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…..”

If the Dolphins want to become what we want them to be, the map to do so has been laid out in front of them. As a fan and a competitor, that’s all you can ask for. 

For Dolphins fans the next three weeks should be fun, stressful, exciting, nauseating, thrilling, and...