Miami Dolphins lose another high draft pick to free agency

Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins
Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins have lost another high draft pick to free agency. This time Raekwon Davis.

Raekwon Davis was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Unfortunately, he made a bigger impact on draft day when then former head coach Brian Flores was shown on camera getting excited over the selection.

Davis was a good backup but he never could step out of the shadows and make an impact as a starter. Now he will join the Indianapolis Colts on a two-year deal that is worth around $14 million.

Davis started 48 games in his career but he was overtaken by the play of Zach Sieler. He provided a good third defensive tackle playing nose mainly in 2022.

Davis is another missed draft pick for Grier who has struggled to find, draft, evaluate, and develop talent. Retaining them is an even bigger problem.

It has become clear through the first two days of free agency tampering, that the Dolphins are looking to get far more aggressive and physical on the defensive side of the ball. Davis is only the latest in a line of players, including starters, that have been released or allowed to leave via free agency.

The Dolphins have signed a few defensive tackles but they still need to add starting-caliber guys up front and the draft is looking like it could turn out to be a defensive-heavy first two days given the needs of the team.

While the Dolphins have rebuilt their linebacker group, defensive line is still a mystery.