Miami Dolphins lose big but set up a motivating opportunity as reality sets in

The Miami Dolphins are not perfect. In fact, their unstoppable offense is completely stoppable as the Buffalo Bills proved in Orchard Park.

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

The debate this week will not be how good the Miami Dolphins offense is, it will be what unit performed the worst? The Dolphins offense or the defense. In reality, they both lost and they both lost big.

On defense, the Dolphins did very little and when they did make a play, the gave up another on the next. Vic Fangio may be a genius DC but on Sunday, he had no answers for Josh Allen who threw for 4 touchdowns and ran for a 5th.

Kader Kohou, for all the good he has done since being an undrafted free agent, is not the guy you want covering Stefon Diggs. Miami's defensive front, the front that includes Christian Wilkins who wants the biggest deal for an NFL DT, was pretty much non-existent.

If that wasn't bad enough, Miami's offense was outmatched by the number one defense in the league and they showed the rest of the NFL that playing on the line with physicality will go a long way to stopping Miami's offensive train.

If there is good news, the Dolphins have something to motivate them. The Bills destroyed the Dolphins and it very well could have been worse. There is a lot to work on and some soul searching on both sides of the ball.

They hype surrounding Miami has been at an all-time high but we knew that there were going to be big obstacles along the way and today, they didn't get over that obstacle.

Buffalo ran away with the game and finally, the Dolphins couldn't match them score for score. The final? Bills 48 - 20.

There will be so much to take away from this game but in the end, we learned that the Dolphins are a beatable team when they are not playing their best and today, the Bills played their best while the Dolphins did not.

Is this the end for the Dolphins? Of course not. It's week 4 and the Dolphins will be just fine but there is work to be done and even the Greatest Show on Turf way back when, were not perfect. Today, the Dolphins weren't either.