Miami Dolphins make it a game late but can't close the door taking their 2nd loss of the season

The Miami Dolphins have nothing to hang their heads about after losing to the Eagles on Sunday Night Football.
Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles
Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins fell to 5-2 after losing to the Eagles in Philadelphia but there was a lot of good to take away from the game.

Without Xavien Howard and losing Isaiah Wynn in the first half, the Dolphins needed a miracle with three backups on the left side of their offensive line. Miami wasn't able to consistently run the ball but they did hold up well enough most of the game. Late in the 4th quarter, they gave up three sacks to the Eagles, four on the night, but overall, they didn't play badly.

The fact Miami couldn't run the ball allowed the Eagles to play deep in the secondary and were able to keep Tyreek Hill and the rest of the Dolphins high-powered offense in front of them.

Tyreek Hill failed to hit 100 yards posting 88 yards and a touchdown. They kept Raheem Mostert out of the end zone and less than 50 yards on the ground.

Defensively, the Dolphins looked pretty good despite having younger inexperienced guys against the Eagles top WRs. With Xavien Howard out, Kader Kohou handled A.J. Brown who was kept in check most of the game. Eli Apple was inconsistent and overall the Dolphins left

Miami was in position to force a punt a few times but with short yardage on 4th down, the Eagles ran the "tush-push" that is nearly unstoppable and were able to convert 4th downs late.

While the game will go down as a loss, Miami held up well against a very good offense and a great defense on the road.

Social media has been buzzing all night about the referees and the non-calls that weren't made including a clear PI/Facemask on Cedrick Wilson. The Dolphins were flagged 10 times on the night including one that took away an early touchdown. The Eagles? They were not penalized at all despite the fact they made several of the same mistakes Miami did.

Next up for the Dolphins are the New England Patriots who knocked off the Bills earlier on Sunday. Miami will not face a cakewalk next week.

Despite tonight's loss, the Dolphins still remain in first place over the Bills.