Miami Dolphins Most Sacks in one game

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In a game against the Buffalo Bills the Miami Dolphins, get their most defensive sacks in one game, a total of 9 sacks in the game that ended up with a clear winner of the Miami team with a scoreboard of 27-6.

At the beginning of the game, things were even for both teams, having a brutal 1st quarter, where they only managed to make 3 points and left the score in a tie for the second quarter. But after the first quarter, things went uphill for the Dolphins, and in the next two quarters, they will crash the Buffalos, leaving them with no choice but to lose that game.

Also, the year 1973 was a special moment for the Dolphins franchise, this is because in that year they were champions of the Super Bowl, after beating the Washington Commanders 14-7 and completing the only undefeated season in the franchise at the moment.

Following this record of 1973, there are several times that the Miami Dolphins were just about to break the record, but they could get to 9, the closer they get was 8 defensive sacks in one game, in the year: 2021, 2012, 2006, 2004, December and September of 1998 and 1981.

The curiosity about these numbers is that only in one game, the Dolphins were defeated, and it was in 2012 against the Arizona Cardinals with a scoreboard of 21-24.