Miami Dolphins moves that could be made in the first week of June not named Cook

Oct 9, 2021; London, England, United Kingdom; A Miami Dolphins logo is seen at Tottenham Hogspur
Oct 9, 2021; London, England, United Kingdom; A Miami Dolphins logo is seen at Tottenham Hogspur / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

June first is quickly approaching and that means we could see a few moves made by the Miami Dolphins before the team disappears into the no-activity off-season months.

While I don't expect any big moves to be made day one of the calendar turn, I do see possibilities of change ahead. The Dolphins are hovering with little workable cap space and have some moves they need and may want to make.

While much of the speculation and rumor has surrounded Dalvin Cook, Dolphins fans should keep an eye out for a few other moves that could be significant or simple moves that makes sense.

The first move that makes the most sense for the Dolphins, that could come as early as June 1st, is the release of Cedrick Wilson, Jr.

The Dolphins currently have just under $3 million in cap space available to them but on June 1st they will get $13 million from the March release of Byron Jones. Jones was designated a June 1st release.

For Wilson, Miami could save another $2 million in cap space maybe more. Miami has said they wanted to "do right" with Wilson and releasing him after June 1st would make sense allowing him to sign with any team he wanted.

Keeping Wilson in 2023 has some value but the Dolphins WR room is pretty decent without him and last year he did little on offense. Perhaps he struggled learning the system or there were other factors that Miami believes will not be a problem this year.

Next, the Dolphins could look to get that extension done with Christian Wilkins.

Throughout this off-season, Miami fans have waited to see what was going to happen with Christian Wilkins who is playing on the 5th year option. Miami has plenty of time to get a deal done before next year but the longer they wait, the more money it will cost them.

Getting the Byron Jones money would help get a new deal done as it would give Miami more spending power but there is no reason that the Dolphins and Wilkins couldn't have already had a deal worked out. So far there has been no leaks to insinuate that would be true. In fact, it seems as though the team and the player are not all that close.

Wilkins should get paid somewhere in the $65-70 million range with around $55 million guaranteed. With June 1st coming up, maybe a deal will get done before the team returns for training camp.

More offensive line help could be on the way for the Miami Dolphins after June 1st.

There has been a lot of speculation that the Dolphins are not done yet with adding pieces and competition for the offensive line. With June 1st almost here, they could add another player.

The question is who. There isn't much available right now on the market. One name has been mentioned before is Taylor Lewan. Lewan is an interesting option but his injury history is a huge concern for any team and at this point, he is a backup given those concerns. When healthy, he can still play but health is a big issue and Miami has plenty of injured lineman.

From there, it becomes more of the same. Miami could look at some of the younger veterans who have not played well in other locations and give them a shot to make the roster but reality says anyone Miami brings in now is going to simply be camp bodies and backups.

The Miami Dolphins could find a partner to make a trade.

Trades are not necessarily uncommon at this time of year but after June 1st the Dolphins could make a deal and that could save both them and the other team money given the timing of the trade. Will it happen? That's hard to say. Money on Dalvin Cook would be at best 50/50 right now but there are other options around the league.

The Dolphins could make a move for an offensive lineman, a running back, tight end, or just about anywhere they want if they find a willing trade partner or offer.

Personally, I think the days following June 1st will not be all that exciting outside of speculation and rumor but one thing is certain, we are only a few days away from finding out.