Miami Dolphins moving up in the NFL Draft? Teams have reached out to Grier

Aug 5, 2022; Canton, OH, USA; The 2022 NFL Draft cards of first-round picks Travon Walker
Aug 5, 2022; Canton, OH, USA; The 2022 NFL Draft cards of first-round picks Travon Walker / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have only four draft selections in next weeks draft but that doesn't mean they won't be able to move a little, including up if there is an opportunity.

Chris Grier spoke with the media earlier this week and was asked about moving up into round one. After he laughed and quipped, "I was waiting for someone to ask that" he said that there have been teams who have reached out to gauge interest.

"We’ve had a couple of teams in the bottom half of the first round reach out, saying they would be interested in coming down possibly if their guys aren’t there, and if we’d be interested in moving."

Chris Grier - Miami Dolphins media

Grier said they will always look at opportunities to get a good player and while he also said that there have been no serious conversations, they keep their options open.

How would this work if not now for those wondering what those calls would be for this early? For starters, it's all about other teams opening the communication lines with other teams prior to the draft so when they are on their 12 minute or 10 minute countdown, they have an idea of where they might want to move to and who might have an interest.

Do the teams talk about compensation in a move? Probably very little if any at all. The process if more feeling out the interest and for the Dolphins, the likelihood of moving from 51 into the early 30s is highly unlikely and very expensive. A player they absolutely are in love with would have to fall into the latter part of the first-round.

Chances are more likely that the Dolphins move down rather than up. At 51, should several players they like fall, moving a few spots down will give the team some extra draft selections after round two and they could use them.

Miami is in this spot because they traded away their first round pick for Bradley Chubb prior to the trade deadline last season. Their other first-round selection was forfeited after the investigation into Stephen Ross and Bruce Beal's tampering allegations.

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While the Dolphins are not likely to move up, the fact they are keeping the phone lines open might be enough to block three hours of your time on Thursday night as the draft never know with Grier.