Miami Dolphins need a second half miracle after Bills ground Dolphins offense

The "Greatest Show on Surf" is being run over by the Buffalo Bills defense who have shut down Miami's high-powered offense.

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

In Orchard Park, the Miami Dolphins have hit the wall that other NFL fans have been wanting to see. The Dolphins have managed two touchdowns, 3 punts, a fumble, and what should have been a pick six interception that was dropped.

Nothing is going right for the Dolphins. The Bills have scored on all but one possession and lead 31-14. This is the biggest lead a team has had on the Dolphins in 2023 and while Miami gets the ball to star the 2nd half, the biggest problem is they can't stop the Bills.

Kader Kohou is playing man 1-1 on Stefon Diggs and has given up two touchdowns and been flagged twice. When he was on Gabe Davis, he gave up a TD to him as well.

Miami has sacked Josh Allen once but haven't gotten much pressure on him. He has had time to throw and finding wide open receivers.

The Bills have shut down a Dolphins rushing attack that went for more than 300 yards last week. They have a whopping 20 yards today.

Miami and Buffalo traded touchdowns to a 14-14 but since that 2nd Miami TD, it has been all Buffalo.

Tua Tagovailoa has been sacked once but has been pressured and knocked down throughout the game. Making matters worse, Terron Armstead is not likely to play the 2nd half after leaving with a knee injury late in the 2nd quarter.

Nothing the Dolphins put on the field seems to be working. The Bills are flying around the field and controlling the line of scrimmage. They are protecting the pass well and stopping the run without problem. So far, Mike McDaniel and Vic Fangio have no answer for what the Bills are throwing at them on either side of the ball.

Is there another Miami Miracle in the cards today? At this point, it would be shocking of the Dolphins suddenly were able to turn this game around. The Bills are in complete control and at this rate, they may just put up 70 points of their own.

For all the talk about Miami's unstoppable offense heading into this game, the Bills have basically said, "Our defense is better." So far, the Bills defense is better.

Of course, Miami could fight their way back in but the defense has to do something. So far, they have been almost non-existent.