Miami Dolphins need to stop with the 1st round draft pick trading for the sake of their future

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Cliff Hawkins/GettyImages

Tyreek Hill is electric. He is universally applauded by the Miami Dolphins fan base. Netting Hill brought a new dimension to the Miami Dolphins. Now, Chris Grier needs to stop.

The Dolphins won't say what every fan and most of the media will tell you. The Dolphins are in win-now mode. You don't make moves as bold as adding Tyreek Hill ahead of the 2022 NFL Draft and then burn another first-round pick for a LB mid-season if you are not trying to win it all.

While Hill makes a lot of sense, the Chubb experiment hasn't paid off just yet. It didn't last year. He knows that and has said his goal is to be more of a leader and producer on the field.

Chris Grier and Mike McDaniel can't be faulted for the loss of this year's first-round pick. That is on Stephen Ross alone but it is because of that, now more than ever, that Chris Grier has to stop spending future draft capital. You simply can't build a team through trades and free agency.

Miami fans were stunned by the moves made by the Philadelphia Eagles over the weekend. They killed their draft from start to finish and then added D'Andre Swift from the Lions to replenish their running back unit. You can look at the Eagles and see a future of success that isn't likely to go away in a year or two.

In Miami, you can't be certain.

This year Miami added four players in rounds 2, 3, 6, and 7. Last year they added four players in rounds 3, 4, and two in round 7. What comes out of this years draft is unknown but no player aside from Skylar Thompson who was forced to play, had any impact on the team.

Even in 2021 the Dolphins missed. The early hits of Waddle, Philips, and Holland stand out but Eichenberg is a big question mark, Hunter Long is already gone as is Gerrid Doaks, and Larnel Coleman hasn't impressed.

Miami can throw money at players like Terron Armstead and Jalen Ramsey but these are short-term solutions. These are the players that you add when you are one or two players away and have a singular glaring hole on the roster. These are the moves that teams like the Chiefs make to put them over the top. Not build their rosters around.

Many won't agree with me on this and I completely understand that side of the argument. But the salaries paid to those big name free agents prevent you from getting quality depth players that contribute at various positions across the team.

I'm not complaining. The Dolphins are more exciting to watch than the last 20 years and the next three years should be just as exciting. But this also is the full-circle back to the entire premise behind this. The Dolphins have to start drafting players that will become the future. Players to build around and players that eventually you supplement with those big name guys. To do that, you need to keep your draft picks.