Miami Dolphins news: Renaldo Hill and Sam Madison out as coaches

The Miami Dolphins and more specifically Anthony Weaver, continue to rebuild the defensive side of the coaching staff. This time, two more coaches are heading out.
May 13, 2022; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins cornerbacks coach Sam Madison talks to
May 13, 2022; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins cornerbacks coach Sam Madison talks to / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Madison is a Miami Dolphins icon and when he was added to the team's coaching staff, fans applauded. Now, Madison is on his way back out of Miami.

Welcome to the wonderful world of NFL coaching. New defensive coordinator, Anthony Weaver is taking control of his staff and as a result, Madison who coached in the secondary, and Renaldo Hill, is not returning to the staff.

Hill, who served as a secondary coach and passing game coordinator, along with Madison, will join Anthony Campanile and Kenny Baker as former defensive staff. The Dolphins are retaining Ryan Slowik but he will be reassigned to another position.

The Dolphins' defense wasn't horrible last year even after all the injuries but with a new person in charge of the unit, changes were expected. Weaver brings a lot of defensive experience to the coaching staff but can he succeed this time around as a DC?

Replacing the coaches will be Brian Duker who has coached the Detroit Lions for the last three years and was replaced by the Lions this offseason. Duker will now take over the role Renaldo Hill had with the Dolphins.

All the coaching changes, with more likely to follow, are not unexpected but the reality is, the Dolphins, to use a phrase from a friend of mine, are using bandaids where a tourniquet is needed. Will Duker, and the other new coaches bring more to the staff than a simple short-term fix or will they become fixtures in a unit that gets better?

Weaver's biggest task may very well be fixing the mentality of the defense. The talent is there but the Dolphins lack the "bully" mentality that we see each year from the Ravens defense. While not always perfect, they are always playing smash-mouth football. Something that isn't seen consistently in Miami.