Miami Dolphins news: What to know about new DC Anthony Weaver

The Miami Dolphins made the official announcement Saturday evening that Anthony Weaver is their new defensive coordinator.

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The Miami Dolphins have officially made Anthony Weaver their new defensive coordinator but what should Miami Dolphins fans know about the guy who will now be in charge of the defense?

A new defensive coordinator in Miami will bring some change but what kind of change is up for debate. Weaver is going to inherit a mess on defense that includes a likely departure of their top defensive lineman, Christian Wilkins, a linebacker group that is depleted, two edge rushing linebackers that will begin the year on IR or the PuP list, and a secondary that could end up parting ways with Xavien Howard.

Welcome to the Miami Dolphins Anthony Weaver.

John Harbaugh, the Ravens' head coach told members of the media last week that Weaver will someday make a great head coach. He thinks highly of his former assistant HC and Dline coach. Weaver doesn't carry the weight of Leslie Frazier or Ron Rivera. He doesn't have the profile name of a Brandon Staley. So who is this new DC that will be tasked with forming a top 10 defensive unit?

Anthony Weaver the football player.

Weaver played seven seasons in the NFL from 2002 to 2008. As a defensive end, Weaver started 98 of 103 games. He played four seasons with the Ravens and his final three with the Texans.