Miami Dolphins news: What to know about new DC Anthony Weaver

The Miami Dolphins made the official announcement Saturday evening that Anthony Weaver is their new defensive coordinator.
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Can Anthony Weaver build a coaching staff?

That might be the biggest question of all. Weaver's coaching history may not produce top-quality coaches. He simply hasn't spent much time around the league for any length of time. He isn't likely going to bring coaches from the Ravens but his time in Houston could benefit him to some degree.

The Dolphins will likely retain most of their current staff and I would guess, sadly, that some of those coaches will be required by Grier and McDaniel.

Some believe that Weaver could try and get guys like Brandon Staley to join his staff but that is a hard sell for coaches who haven't worked with him.

This might be the single most important job that Weaver will have when he arrives. Forget about watching film, Weaver has to assemble a coaching staff and decide what coaches will remain with the team.

Weaver will have to replace safety coach Joe Kasper who left for the Eagles. Defensive line coach, Kenny Baker, also left the Dolphins to coach at the University of Texas. More could follow.

To answer the question point blank, there is no way of knowing what kind of staff Weaver can assemble.

Weaver isn't the flashy pick for DC but he is considered a rising coach in the NFL and that isn't a bad thing. He will bring more energy to the team and it wouldn't be out of the question to believe the team will become more focused and physical.

The task for Weaver is going to be juggling the multiple personalities of his defensive unit. As a former player, he should be able to relate but ultimately, if the Dolphins defense struggles in 2024, Weaver doesn't have the coaching resume to keep the unit together. He may, however, have the personality and that could earn him the respect.

Weaver may be an unknown but he won't be for long and what happens in free agency and the draft may go a long way to seeing what his vision of the defense will be.