Miami Dolphins on top of the AFC East after 2nd week of NFL football

The Miami Dolphins find themselves sitting at the top of the AFC East after two weeks. Not tied mind you, alone.

Sep 17, 2023; Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA; Miami Dolphins defensive end Chase Winovich (50)
Sep 17, 2023; Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA; Miami Dolphins defensive end Chase Winovich (50) / David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

After two weeks of football we are starting to see how the AFC East teams are going to be in 2023 and while the Miami Dolphins are at the top of the division, it is still going to be a tight race.

Miami Dolphins top New England

The final game of Sunday pitted the Dolphins against the Patriots and Miami was poised to run away with the game but ultimately allowed the Patriots to make it close.

Miami needed late game heroics and a replay official challenge to finally end the game up by seven. The win puts the Dolphins, 2-0, in first place by themselves.

Next week: Broncos @ Dolphins - Miami will finally get to head home after a two game opening road schedule. They will play one game at home before heading to Buffalo in week four making next Sunday's game all that more important.

Next week: Patriots @ New York Jets

The Patriots are now 0-2 and could drop to 0-2 next weekend but ideally, the Patriots will figure out a way to beat the Jets and drop the cropdusters to 1-2.

Raiders vs. Buffalo Bills

The Raiders looked as though they just might stage a road upset against the Bills, then the first quarter ended and the Bills finished their coffee. Buffalo jumped ahead and ran away with the game leaving the Raiders with only 10 points while scoring 38.

Buffalo improved their record to 1-1 after losing to the Jets in week one.

Next Week: Buffalo @ Washington

Anyone expecting the Bills to not head into week four with a winning record haven't watch the Commanders play and this should be a relatively easy road game for the Bills.

New York Jets @ Dallas Cowboys

So much for the Zach Wilson can handle the QB duties for the Jets. New York was no match offensively against the best defense in the NFL. Wilson was intercepted three times and the Cowboys easily scated off with a 30-10 victory over the visiting Jets.