Miami Dolphins Player Preview: Linebacker Malik Reed

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With a new season just around the corner, the expectation of the fans get higher every day, and if the Dolphins wants to be on top of the NFL, they have to make a great season. The Miami franchise has confirmed that the number of players going into this season is 53. Coach Mike McDaniel will consider who enters and who doesn't through training camp and the active roast. Do you think Malik Reed could be one of those names that appear on the list?

  • Biography

The story of Malik Reed and the NFL started in 2019 when he joined the Denver Broncos as an unrestrictive college free agent. Spending three years with the Broncos, he played 45 games where he started on 34 occasions. In August 2022, the Denver franchise traded Reed to the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he will only be for one season. He played 14 games in that season but only started in 2 of them.

Finally, he joined the Miami Dolphins as an unrestricted free agent from the Steelers in March 2023. And this season will be his first experience with the Miami franchise

  • Salary situation

$1,092,500 million Cap Number. If the Dolphins release him, there will be $750,000 in Dead Money. This means the Cap Savings will rise to $342,500.

  • 2023 Season prediction

If you review the linebacker of the Dolphins one by one, you would clearly say that Malik has no place and will not play that much this season. But if he recovers his level, he could fight for a shot on the list.

  • Prediction - He doesn't enter the list of 53 players