Miami Dolphins Player Preview: Tackle Kendall Lamm

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After the NFL Draft, coach Mike McDaniel has to decide the players he will use for this season. With the recent drafts, the team has changed, and during the roast and training camp, he will make a conclusion and select the 53 players that will be part of the squad for the season. Do you think that the experience Kendall Lamm has what it takes to enter the list?

The story of Kendall Lamm and the NFL started in 2015 when he joined the Houston Texans, but Lamm never had a regularity to play. In the three years, he was part of Houston, he was constantly activated and activated, which ended up with him as a free agent in March 2019 after his contract expire. In his time with the Texans, he played 55 games and started in 24 of them.

In September of 2019, the Cleveland Browns sign Kendall Lamm but in only 4 months he was released and joined the Tennessee Titans for only one year. During his time on both teams, he played 31 games but was part of the starting team on 4 occasions.

At the end of 2022, the Miami Dolphins signed Lamm into the practice squad, where he was constantly moving into the active roster and back into the practice squad, until last December, were the Dolphins put him back into the active roster. In his short time with the Dolphins, Kendall played 1 game and was part of the starting team.

  • Salary Situation

$1,049,265 Cap Number. If he is released the Dead Money is $200.000 and the Cap Saving end up being $849,265.

With the experience he has and the trust of the coach, he could be an important piece of the puzzle for the Dolphins this season. Also, because in his position, there aren't many players with experience like him, so in that case, he holds the advantage against other team mates.

Prediction - He makes it into the list of the 53 players