Miami Dolphins player profile: Offensive Lineman Austin Jackson

Miami Dolphins v Tennessee Titans
Miami Dolphins v Tennessee Titans / Silas Walker/GettyImages

The expectation for the Miami Dolphins is very high. Many fans said there are top candidates to finish first in the East AFC, but even though the Dolphins have a great roast, coach Mike McDaniel has confirmed that he will only take 53 players into the season. The factors that will determine who gets in and who doesn't will be the active roast and training camp. Do you think Austin Jackson is one of the names that will appear on that list?

Austin Jackson was a 1st round pick (18th overall) for the Miami Dolphins in the 2020 NFL Draft. In the three seasons, he has been with the Dolphins, he manages to play 32 games and start in 30 of them. This means he has the coach's trust to be in charge of covering that position.

But there is a downside in Austin Jackson last season as he only play 2 games that year. This happened because first he was placed on injured reserve two times, first in December and then again in September until he was activated again in November. Then he was inactive for two games and was dressed but did not play 1 game.

  • Salary Situation

$4,340,112 million Cap Numbers. If he is released the Miami franchise will have $4,340,112 in Dead Money, which means the the Cap Saving will be $0

If we forgot about last season were Austin didn't play, he is an important player not only for the team but also for the coach's idea. That why, Austin Jackson will have zero trouble into getting into the list for this season.

Prediction - Austin Jackson makes it into the list for this season