Miami Dolphins player stocks I'm bullish on this week

Going into week nine, the Miami Dolphins find themselves in waters they haven’t been in for a very long time. The Dolphins will be playing for the #1 overall seed in the AFC. I know a lot can and will happen between now and the end of the regular season but Sunday’s game vs the Kansas City Chiefs could play a major role in determining home-field advantage down the road.
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The Dolphins seem to be getting healthy just in time for this game, but even so, beating the Chiefs will be a tough task. In order to do so, these guys' stocks will have to be up.


BUY - Jaelan Phillips & Andrew Van Ginkel

On the defensive front, I think this is a game where Jaelan Phillips and Andrew Van Ginkel need to play a major role. Bradley Chubb has really come on over the past several weeks in both against the pass and rush and will certainly have the opportunity to do so again this week.

I’m going in on Phillips and Van Ginkel though as I think their athleticism and speed will be key in chasing Patrick Mahomes around the pocket. Mahomes is most deadly when he’s off-script and running around behind his offensive line. Mahomes is going to make a play or two, that’s guaranteed but Phillips and Van Ginkel’s speed should help contain some of these opportunities

BUY - Jalen Ramsey & Jevon Holland

You could say this about these two each and every week now that Ramsey is healthy but I’m particularly bullish on these two this week as I feel like these two will be the two most tasked with keeping Travis Kelce in check. I know Fangio runs a predominantly zone scheme but I think there may be some wrinkles this week.

Kelce has a gold jacket in Canton, Ohio waiting for him and is by far Mahomes' most desired target. Again, I’m not sure you can totally stop the Mahomes Kelce connection but limiting their damage will be key. The Dolphins should be healthier than they’ve been all season in the defensive backfield with the anticipated return of Xavien Howard so they should be able to use one of these two premier athletes to man up Kelce while shutting down the rest of the Chiefs’ receiving corps with Howard, Kohou and company.


BUY - Jaylen Waddle

Waddle broke out last week recording his first 100-yard game of the season. The game plan for each and every week going forward from the Dolphins ' opponent's perspective has to be “don’t let Tyreek beat us”. That means Waddle’s opportunities should continue to be there. If anyone knows how Tyreek can wreck a defense’s game plan it’s the Chiefs. I expect Waddle to hit the century mark again this week as well as find the end zone. 

BUY - Raheem Mostert

Mostert came out of the gates quickly this season but has cooled off the past couple of weeks. Honestly, I think a big part of that has been the injury to Connor Williams. The timing in the running game has been off and it seems some of it has to do with the timing of the snap. I expect Williams to be back in the lineup this week and I expect Mostert to get back on track. One way to slow Mahomes down is to keep him on the sideline. A good running game can do that.

Mostert and Miami’s running game came to life late in the game last week against the Patriots. The Dolphins running game helped churn out a 10-play 75-yard touchdown drive that took nearly six minutes off the clock which put the final nail in the Patriots' coffin. Look for Mostert to have 85+ yards and at least one score this week as Miami’s running game becomes a factor again.

BUY - Tua Tagovailoa

This stock is already at a blue-chip level. Tagovailoa leads or near the top in all of the important passing statistics. Much to the chagrin of many of the national talking heads, Tua is playing at an MVP level. Even though his stock price is already high, I’m still buying. Tua played his best when the lights were the brightest in college. He’s yet to really have that big game in the NFL when all eyes are on the Dolphins. This changes this week.

The Dolphins vs Chiefs will be the only game at 9:30 a.m. Eastern time on Sunday. The 6-2 Chiefs vs the 6-2 Dolphins is enough to get even the most passive NFL fan excited but add in the reigning MVP, Patrick Mahomes vs arguably this year's MVP to this point, Tua Tagovailoa, and the lights couldn’t be brighter. Tua plays well this week and shows the world (we are playing in Germany after all) what all of us Dolfans already know.