Miami Dolphins post draft TE room still has glaring hole

Denver Broncos tight end Eric Saubert (82) leaps over Tennessee Titans cornerback Roger McCreary
Denver Broncos tight end Eric Saubert (82) leaps over Tennessee Titans cornerback Roger McCreary / Andrew Nelles / / USA

The 2023 NFL Draft did not go as many fans and media members thought it would for the Miami Dolphins and as a result, the Dolphins still have a hole at tight end.

The Miami Dolphins did not draft their future number one tight end and that means they believe one of two things, A: The draft simply didn't work out the way they planned, or B: Durham Smythe is their plans for the number one on the team.

Option B seems more likely given the fact they gave Smythe an extension. The Dolphins don't really "need" a big profile tight end in this offensive system. What they need is a TE who can block as an extra outside tackle and still give defenses the threat of catching passes.

Following the draft, the Dolphins TE unit barely changed.

The addition of Elijah Higgins seems to be the fill Miami was looking for. Higgins will convert to TE from WR. He has a big body frame and is projected to be an NFL TE. The position is hard one to learn but will it be easier transitioning from another position? Higgins isn't going to be asked to run a lot of routes.

During free agency, Miami only added Eric Saubert. Saubert has a lot of potential and could surprise a lot of people. He is a better pass-catcher than a blocker but only by a marginal amount making him well-rounded at the position. More like Smythe than Mike Gesicki.

The Dolphins will also have Tanner Conner back for another season and they like what little they have seen so far in him.

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Miami's current TE room looks like this.

  • Tanner Conner
  • Durham Smythe
  • Eric Saubert
  • Elijah Higgins

Chris Grier said during the draft that are not necessarily done with the position and could look at adding a street free agent later this off-season. That is likley considering they will need camp bodies across the roster and there is no guarantees that none of these players will get injured or dinged up. The question is who will be that addition and when?