Miami Dolphins post NFL Draft 53 man roster predictions ahead of camps

Miami Dolphins cheerleaders during the game against the Cleveland Browns during NFL action Sunday
Miami Dolphins cheerleaders during the game against the Cleveland Browns during NFL action Sunday / BILL INGRAM / THE PALM BEACH PSOT / USA
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Is there a bigger question mark hovering over part of the Miami Dolphins roster than the one that hangs over the offensive line? From injuries last year to poor play and then almost nothing to upgrade in 2023.

It might be easier to select who will make the roster right off the top. Terron Armstead, Conner Williams, and Robert Hunt are the only three players that are 100% locks for the team.

Both Austin Jackson and Liam Eichenberg are practically locks if you believe Chris Grier when he says he sees big things for both of them in 2023. That is five players of what will likely be nine or 10 at the most.

Grier says that the team is still looking at the free agent market and that they are not done yet making moves. Miami Dolphins fans do hope there is truth to that.

Before we predict how will make the Dolphins roster from the offensive line we should probably look at who the competitors are.

At tackle, Kion Smith, Kendall Lamm, Ryan Hayes, and Geron Christian will compete. Lester Cotton is the only player listed at "guard" while everyone else not mentioned is listed as OL. That list includes Connner Willams, Hunt, Jackson, Robert Jones, Dan Feeney, and Eichenberg.

I would believe that Dan Feeney has little problem making the roster this year but the competition will be tighter for the rest of the team.

Miami will still need to keep at least 2 more lineman. Last year they reduced to only 8 lineman after camp ended and then added back. They could take a similar approach with releasing players and adding them to the practice squad. New league rules allow for lineman to be more easily interchanged on game day and the team can promote a player from the PS three times.

Lamm played well for the Dolphins last year at times and I think Miami still sees a lot in Robert Jones that they like. I think both of them have a good shot at making the team.

For right now, that is my 8 players. Eichenberg, Hunt, Armstead, Jackson, Williams, Lamm, Jones, and Feeney. I have 8 right now because I think Miami will adde a veteran lineman before camp starts and I think that player will likely make the roster. I don't see Miami being done and they could add two which would then p ut either Lamm or Jones on the outs.

I don't have Lester Cotton or Geron Christian making the roster and I think that 7th round rookie Ryan Hayes is moved to the PS as I don't see him making the initial 53. He has a future but he has a lot of work to do.

Another player that I don't have on the roster yet is Kion Smith and he could be the replacement for either Jones or Lamm if he performs well in camp.

This brings our roster to 27 players on offense and that will not happen. Click next slide to see how I reduced my number to 24 offensive players.