3 potential mistakes Dolphins made this offseason

  • Backup ordeal?
  • An under-utilized position
  • A massive contract restructure
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3. Jalen Ramsey's new contract

When the Dolphins traded for 6-time Pro Bowl cornerback Jalen Ramsey, they also restructured his contract in a way that is going to hurt them, big time, next season. Ramsey's cap hit is just over $4 million this season, which is nice. However, next year, his cap hit jumps to $28 million. Overall, the deal is over three years and is worth $55 million.

In 2025, the final year of Ramsey's deal, his cap hit is just over $22 million.

Money might be in question next year, as the Dolphins could have to pay up for two particular players. First up would be Tua Tagovailoa, who is going into his fourth season. If Tua stays healthy this season and plays as he did last year, he'll warrant an extension, no doubt. The Dolphins would have to fork over more than $40-$45 million annually, more than likely, if they were to keep him around.

Then, there's wide receiver Jaylen Waddle, whose last season under contract is the 2024 campaign. If he has another big year in 2023, Waddle very well could be in the market for a new deal. Ramsey's contract might just make it tough to get both, if either of the deals, done.

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