Miami Dolphins pre-camp final predictions for quarterback

Dolphins quarterback Skylar Thompson scrambles away from pressure by Bills Boogie Basham.
Dolphins quarterback Skylar Thompson scrambles away from pressure by Bills Boogie Basham. / JAMIE GERMANO / USA TODAY NETWORK

Will the Miami Dolphins only keep two quarterbacks on the 2023 roster is a question some are wondering but truthfully, the real question is can they afford not to?

Tua Tagovailoa is a lock to make the 53 man roster. In fact, Tua is the key to the entire Dolphins 2023 season. It isn't enough to simply make the playoffs, the Dolphins need to win a game or two if not go to the Super Bowl.

The pressure on Tua will be incredible this season. He has a roster that stands to be the best in two decades for the Dolphins. He has playmakers at running back and wide receiver but he also has health concerns. That is where the worry comes in.

Enter Mike White.

Mike White was signed this off-season to serve as what should be the primary backup job behind Tua. He is penciled in to replace Teddy Bridgewater. White had some starting experience during his time with the Jets but they didn't think enough of him to fully replace Zach Wilson and the Jets traded for Aaron Rodgers to replace them both.

White has potential and could become a reliable backup or a one or two game starter in this offense but he isn't going to lead the Dolphins to the playoffs if Tua goes down.

We assume that White is a lock for the 53 man roster but the Dolphins could deem him expendable if Skylar Thompson has a great camp and exhibition season.

Thompson will remain the 3rd QB and some wonder if the Dolphins will carry three. It would make sense to do so. NFL rules have changed and teams can carry an extra 3rd QB on game day without it counting on the dressed list.

Thompson showed a lot of ability last season and he played with tempo and enthusiasm and almost beat the Bills in the playoffs. The chances of Miami being able to slide him through waivers is very unlikely so they need to decide what his future with the team is.

That future for Thompson should be the undeniable backup to Tua Tagovailoa at some point and he should make a good career of being just that.


The Dolphins would be crazy to keep just one QB after what happened with Tua last season. I don't think they are crazy

  1. Tua Tagovailoa
  1. Mike White
  1. Skylar Thompson

Total roster spots - 6

  • Special teams - 3
  • Quarterbacks - 3