Miami Dolphins: Re-sign or let go? A look at each impending free agent

The Miami Dolphins have decisions to make this offseason that will include re-signing impending FAs as well as letting others walk.
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The Miami Dolphins' top two impending free agents may be Wilkins and Hunt but the harder decisions come after those two.

Andrew Van Ginkel - AVG's agent has expressed the player's desire to remain with the Miami Dolphins. His wife has also publicly said that they would like to stay with the team that drafted him but like any business, the ultimate decision comes down to the team and the offers the player receives from others.

AVG is a player who has yet to reach his ceiling but make no mistake his effort is 110% all the time, every game, and that could be a player new DC Anthony Weaver wants to work with.

Re-sign or let walk? Re-sign without question. Prediction? I think the Dolphins work out a deal to keep AVG in Miami for the next three years giving him a good bump in salary as well as security.

Connor Williams
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Connor Williams - William's is an interesting case for the Dolphins this year. Injured, Williams will not likely be able to start practicing until the end of training camp and probably won't return to play until after the first month of the season if not later. Miami could re-sign him and oversee his recovery or they could let him test the market and see if another team is going to invest in his recovery.

Another option is if Williams doesn't sign with another team, the Dolphins could bring him back after June 1st when they have more money to spend should they designate anyone a J-1 release.

Re-sign or let walk? I would let Williams walk and test the market and then look at June 1st as a possible re-signing.

Prediction: I think the Dolphins let him test the market as I don't see Grier holding Williams as a priority in his initial look at free agency.