Miami Dolphins: Re-sign or let go? A look at each impending free agent

The Miami Dolphins have decisions to make this offseason that will include re-signing impending FAs as well as letting others walk.
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The Miami Dolphins could go either way with these remaining free agents.

Kendall Lamm - Re-sign him. Lamm played well when healthy and stepped in for Terron Armstead and was able to handle it. He won't be expensive but provides quality depth.

Robert Jones - Re-sign him. Jones has started and continues to improve but his value to the Dolphins is depth with experience.

River Cracraft - Re-sign him. Cracraft's biggest problem is Mike McDaniel. McDaniel simply doesn't call his number enough. He is a consistent route runner and a good outlet receiver that Tua can rely on. He won't be expensive and could return on another one-year deal.

Brandon Jones - Let him walk. Testing the market will give Jones and the Dolphins a better idea of his value to the team. Jones hasn't reached his ceiling and is still a bit inconsistent but there is talent that new coaching could bring out. I'd let him test and then consider matching if he fits.

Salvon Ahmed - Let him walk. Ahmed is interesting and he plays hard when he is on the field but the Dolphins don't need him on the roster and the money could be spent elsewhere.

Others Dolphins impending free agents that Miami should let walk or won't be re-signed at all.

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