Miami Dolphins rooting guide for week 13 in the NFL

The Miami Dolphins will be the game to watch of course but keeping an eye on several key AFC games will be just as important.

Miami's Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill celebrate the Dolphins' win against the New York Jets.
Miami's Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill celebrate the Dolphins' win against the New York Jets. / Chris Pedota / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Miami Dolphins will kick off on Sunday at 1:00 from FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland against the Washington Commanders. It's an important game but there are other games that should interest Dolphins fans as well.

There will be no big loss by the Buffalo Bills for Dolphins fans this week as they lick their wounds from their OT loss to the Eagles during their bye week. The Miami Dolphins can take a full three-game lead on the Bills with a victory over the Commanders.

Miami enters this game as 9-point favorites but it is a road game and as we all know by watching the Bills this year, anything can happen.

When week 13 in the NFL kicks off Sunday these are the games with the most interest for Miami fans.

  • L.A. Chargers @ New England Patriots

Many fans are talking about rooting for the Patriots so that their draft pick in April is worse. Others point out Bill Belichick's chase for Don Shula's record as a reason to not root for the Patriots. The Chargers are 4-7 and they are not posing much threat to the AFC playoff picture. In this game, take your pick but I can't stomach ever truly rooting for Belichick and the Patriots.

  • Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Jets

The Jets are clinging to the hope that a return by Aaron Rodgers will turn around their season in some miracle fashion. It won't be this weekend. For now, no one roots for the Jets in a non-conference game. So root for the implosion to continue.

  • Arizona Cardinals @ Pittsburgh

Clearly rooting for the Cardinals is in the best interest of the Dolphins fan base. The Steelers are 7-4 and hanging around the playoff picture and any dagger to another AFC team from an NFC team is good for the Dolphins. It may not have a direct impact on Miami now, but it could later. A win by the Steelers, however, could further help the Bills' chances of making the postseason as well.

  • Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans

Both teams have some hope for the postseason but the Colts have the far better chance right now. With the Colts at 6-5 and the Titans at 4-7 there is no real need to root for the Colts. Cheer for the Titans to knock the Colts down a bit. Then again, like with the Steelers, a win by the Colts makes it harder for the Bills to have a road to a WC spot.

  • Denver Broncos at Houston Texans

Both teams are a surprising 6-5 and both have a hope for the playoffs. There is a good chance that the loser may not make the postseason. Both teams represent the 8th and 9th seeds with the Bills sitting at 10. The Broncos beat the Bills so this week, a loss to the Texans would put them tied with Buffalo but they would have the tie-breaker. Of the two, the Texans might be the tougher team should they get into the playoffs.

  • Cleveland Browns at L.A. Rams

Another non-conference game. The Browns are the 6th seed currently in the chase for the playoffs. They have a stellar defense but the offense isn't much right now. At 7-4, are you rooting to keep the Bills out or just for every AFC team to lose?

  • Kansas City Chiefs at Green Bay Packers

This Sunday night game is without question a big one for Dolphins fans who should be Green Bay fans. A loss by the Chiefs and a win by the Dolphins will allow Miami to go a game up on the Chiefs in a race for the top seed.

  • Cincinnati Bengals at Jacksonville Jaguars - Monday Night

Rooting for the Jaguars makes no sense for Dolphins fans. The Bengals are practically done this year and the Jaguars, 8-3, are a challenge for the Dolphins playoff seeding.

  • The Ravens, Raiders, and Bills will all be on a bye this week.