Miami Dolphins rumored to be potential trade spot for Chiefs CB L'Jarius Sneed

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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L'Jarius Sneed and the Kansas City Chiefs may be parting ways soon and a new rumor from ESPN pegs the Miami Dolphins as a team to watch.

A trade for Sneed makes a lot of sense for the Miami Dolphins on the surface. They need a starting caliber corner to play opposite Jalen Ramsey after they released Xavien Howard. They have depth issues at CB as well that would be solved with having Sneed as a starter allowing the team to address short-term deals to fill the gaps.

The first thought is money. How will the Dolphins find the change to give Sneed a new contract? How will the Dolphins add Sneed to the roster in a trade market that will likely cost draft compensation?

Many fans believe that the Dolphins could easily move a 2nd round draft pick for Sneed, citing the fact they would likely not gain more by using the pick. That is a bad thought process but does have legs given Miami's history. The Dolphins do not have a 3rd round draft pick this year.

As for the salary, well, the Dolphins will have money to spend after restructuring contracts and making other moves. The news earlier that Christian Wilkins would not be tagged and now likely will hit the free agent market means the Dolphins are not going to invest a ton of money on Wilkins.

They are still going to invest a lot of money in Sneed if a deal can be made. Chris Grier is no stranger to paying and in some cases overpaying for CB help. He extended Xavien Howard after a great season and then watched Howard decline due to injuries. He paid a hefty price for Byron Jones in free agency and that was a failure. In fact, the Dolphins are still carrying dead money against this year's cap. That also led to a restructure of disgruntled Howard's contract.

Grier has a high value on corners. Last year he used his first selection in the 2023 draft on Cam Smith in the 2nd round. Smith sat out the year for all intent and purpose for reasons unknown to anyone but Vic Fangio.

Now, the Dolphins again could be making a play for another top-ranked CB. Sneed would fill a need for certain and will cost both draft compensation and money. A lot of money.

Miami's failure to address roster issues with the draft over the years continues to hurt this team. Smith's draft selection last year, Noah Igbinoghene four years ago, and of course the Minkah Fitzpatrick debacle that led to him being traded.

Will Grier strike another deal for a corner like he did for Jalen Ramsey last year? It's possible and worth watching the development of this rumor.