3 Dolphins coaches who could be gone in 2024

The Dolphins might see a few of their own leave in 2024, but for good reason.

Miami Dolphins, Darrell Bevell
Miami Dolphins, Darrell Bevell / ANDRES LEIVA/PALM BEACH POST / USA TODAY
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2. Darrell Bevell, Quarterbacks/Passing Game Coordinator

For two years now, Darrell Bevell has been the Dolphins' quarterbacks coach. Alongside McDaniel, he has been instrumental in developing Tua Tagovailoa into the quarterback he is today. Bevell has seen Tagovailoa through some serious injuries and now, the Dolphins' passing attack remains tops in the league, putting up 291.0 yards per game through Week 11.

Bevell's experience throughout the years goes back to 2000 where he got his start in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers, coaching quarterback Brett Favre. From there, he has taken on a few different offensive coordinator roles including the Vikings, Seahawks, Lions and Jaguars. Bevell was part of that Super Bowl XLVIII team, too, during the prime Russell Wilson years.

Having been an offensive coordinator in the past, there is no reason why he couldn't get to that point once again after this year. Bevell also has some interim head coaching experience as well, which could prove valuable in a future gig. Who knows, maybe he winds up as a head coach after all these years. Again, any coach that gets to learn from the likes of McDaniel should have a serious shot at a promotion.