3 Dolphins coaches who could be gone in 2024

The Dolphins might see a few of their own leave in 2024, but for good reason.
Miami Dolphins, Darrell Bevell
Miami Dolphins, Darrell Bevell / ANDRES LEIVA/PALM BEACH POST / USA TODAY
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3. Frank Smith, Offensive Coordinator

Finally, we come to a guy who will be a hot name amongst NFL head coaching circles. McDaniel's offensive coordinator, Frank Smith, should get plenty of consideration as a head coach next offseason. And, why shouldn't he?

We can talk about Studesville and Bevell all we want, but Smith is McDaniel's right hand man. He oversees the entirety of the offense alongside McDaniel.

Under Smith, the Dolphins remain the league's top offense in terms of yards per game, scoring and passing yards per game. They also still lead the league in yards per carry, and by a mile, at 5.6. Everything has gone right for this Dolphins offense in 2023, all things considered.

Smith's previous experience in the NFL includes coaching both tight ends and offensive line, similar to Dan Campbell in Detroit. His background in the dirty work should come into play, especially in an NFL where schemes can get so complex these days, requiring the most knowledgeable linemen this league has seen.

Think about a team like the Las Vegas Raiders or the Chicago Bears; maybe even the Tampa Bay Buccaneers if Todd Bowles gets the boot. All of those teams could use an offensive boost at the head coaching position. Smith might fit perfectly.