4 trades Dolphins can make to put them over the top

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Trade Number 2: Jaylon Johnson helps Miami's secondary hold water until Jalen Ramsey returns

Like the Broncos, the Chicago Bears appear headed no where, and fast. If Chicago becomes sellers before the deadline, they could look at moving a few notable names. The Dolphins could look at trading for cornerback Jaylon Johnson, who is in the last year of his contract and remains the best corner on that Bears roster.

Johnson has actually been stellar this year, being given an 84.1 coverage grade through four weeks by Pro Football Focus. That's good for one of the best in football. He is allowing an opposing passer rating of just 62.2 and giving up a catch on only 41 percent of passes thrown his way. Johnson did miss Week 4 against the Broncos due to injury, but it doesn't appear to be anything serious or long-term.

Jaylon Johnson trade

The Dolphins certainly struggled within their secondary this past week against Buffalo, with Kader Kohou being one of the main culprits. He is not going to enjoy the film this week. On the season, Kohou is giving up a reception on over 81 percent of passes directed his way, while allowing an opposing quarterback rating of 138.1.

Kohou has missed 15 percent of his tackles through four games, too, which is unacceptable. If the Bears wanted to move on from Johnson amidst a rebuild, they could try a trade like the above one with Miami, netting a fourth rounder in exchange for Johnson and a fifth-round pick. This way, Chicago gets something in return rather than losing Johnson for nothing in free agency.