4 trades Dolphins can make to put them over the top

Miami Dolphins, Mike McDaniel
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Trade Number 3: Chase Young gives Miami zero excuses rushing the passer

One other area the Dolphins have been inconsistent in is rushing the passer. At this point, it might be time to go all-in on a Super Bowl this year, and a huge risk-and-reward type of trade could see the Dolphins make a move for Washington Commanders defensive end Chase Young.

Young is going to miss Week 5 due to a neck injury, but it doesn't seem to be something that will keep him out a long period of time. That brings up a major concern over the career of Young, though. Injuries have been an issue dating all the way back to his rookie year. Now in his fourth season, Young saw the Commanders decline his fifth-year option and it looks as though he could be headed elsewhere in free ageny next offseason.

Chase Young trade

Miami could take a huge gamble, here, trading a 2025 third-round pick for Young. They do not have a third rounder in 2024 (forfeited) which is why it would wait a year. Adding Young could give this Dolphins defense a huge boost, assuming he gets healthy in a hurry. This would also help a struggling secondary, obviously, disallowing opposing quarterbacks to have additional time to throw.