4 trades Dolphins can make to put them over the top

Miami Dolphins, Mike McDaniel
Miami Dolphins, Mike McDaniel / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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Trade Number 4: A subtle trade for Zach Ertz

Finally, the Dolphins could try a trade on the offensive side of the ball, just for kicks. The Arizona Cardinals are a team that could end up being in the top-5 of the draft next year and looking to part with some of their veterans that may not be in the future plans.

Arizona has young tight end Trey McBride waiting to take over a full-time role behind Zach Ertz, and maybe it's time for the Cardinals to move Ertz back to a team that's contending for something other than a top draft pick.

Ertz trade

The Dolphins don't use the tight end position too much in the passing game, but Ertz would give them an opportunity to do so at times. He is still as dependable as there is at the position, in terms of his hands and ability to simply move the chains.

This would be a low-cost trade that could only help their offense further its ceiling.