Miami Dolphins secondary takes another hit as team loses Elijah Campbell

Last night wasn't a good one for the Miami Dolphins who saw injuries to Salvon Ahmed and two worse injuries to Elijah Campbell and Daewood Davis.

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars
Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars / Rich Storry/GettyImages

On a night that saw the Jacksonville Jaguars play the MiamI Dolphins like new toys, the Dolphins injuries piled up and it isn't good news for Elijah Campbell.

Campbell was injured during the game and it is being reported that his knee injury is significant enough that he will miss a considerable amount of time. Possibly the season. Campbell was expected to make the 53-man roster as needed depth for the Dolphins.

Now, Campbell will sit most of the season out and Miami will have to once again go to the next man up. Losing Campbell isn't what the Dolphins needed but he avoided an ACL tear and could potentially return later in the year.

Last night also saw Daewood Davis go down in a scary moment when he was hit with just over 8:00 minutes left in a game that would be cancelled after his injury. Davis was put on a backboard and left the field on a stretcher where he was transferred to an area hospital.

Later in the evening, the Dolphins reported via social media that Davis was moving his extremities and was concious. That is good news after he took a nasty hit to the head. Davis, sadly wasn't likely to make the 53 man roster but is a candidate for the practice squad. It seems that he will enter the concussion protocol and Miami could add him later in the week after final cuts have been made.

Davis was released from the hospital today and will return home to Miami.

As for Salvon Ahmed, the Dolphins running back suffered a minor injury against the Jaguars. He took a shot to the head but Mike McDaniel confirmed today that he did not suffer a concussion and is not in the protocol but is day-to-day. He did not elaborate further.

In more injury news, Mike McDaniel said that Mike White has cleared concussion protocol.