Miami Dolphins selection of Chop Robinson at 21: Instant media grade

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The Miami Dolphins have their first pick in the books, and while fans are questioning if this was the right move despite the need, the media is also weighing in.

Pete Prisco of CBS, gave the Dolphins the only "A" for the selection of Robinson. Prisco really liked the selection and raved about it. "I love this pick for Miami. He has the best first step in this draft. With a little coaching, he will become a dominant pass rusher. They can also move him around as a joker on their front. Love it."

There is no denying that Robinson's reaction time from the snap is one of the quickest in the draft. He has great vision and anticipation, but he relies heavily on that speed to get around the blocker, which could be a problem for top NFL linemen. Robinson himself said he needs to use his hands more.

On, the selection was given a "B" grade. They believe that Robinson's value was in his early 20s, and that is where he landed.

The Athletic's Scott Dochterman gave the selection a "B+." He cited the low statistical number from 2023 but noted that Robinson was often double-teamed throughout the year. Like the others, he sees the quick first-step explosion to get off the line.

On USA Today, Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz gave the Dolphins a "B" as well. He points out that Robinson will be better off: "Operating in a spot role might be a favorable situation for the early part of his career." This is not a single perception. Many believe that Robinson is still extremely raw and will need to develop once he gets to the NFL.

Finally, Rob Rang of Fox Sports gives the Dolphins a "B+" but it should be noted that Rang sees what others do as well. Like many fans and media, Rang points out that Robinson is going to be a "Boom or Bust" type of player like the entire position group in this year's draft. He adds, however, that Robinson "is the biggest lottery ticket of them all."

Overall, Robinson's drafting nets the Dolphins with an average grade of a B. There is a lot to like about the Penn State prospect, but as we have seen in the past, not all players reach their ceiling once they get to the NFL, and others who are believed to be ca n't-miss players dry up and whither in a year or two.