Miami Dolphins should not trade up but if they do, these 3 should be the target

Notre Dame's Michael Mayer prior to Notre Dame Fall Practice on Friday, August 05, 2022, at Irish
Notre Dame's Michael Mayer prior to Notre Dame Fall Practice on Friday, August 05, 2022, at Irish / John Mersits / USA TODAY NETWORK

Thanks to Stephen Ross, Bruce Beal, and the revengful Brian Flores, the Miami Dolphins didn't have a shot to draft in round one, but the NFL didn't take their 2nd round pick and they will make that tonight.

Should the Dolphins trade up for a player that fell out of the first round? The short answer and most honest is absolutely not. Miami has four draft picks in this year's draft and if they had any more they probably would have moved back into round one.

Miami has to stay put or at least they should stay at 51 or move down and gather more draft picks. Trading up will cost capital from next year's draft and Miami is already short one selection in 2024.

If Chris Grier did want to trad up tonight on day two, who would be a logical option to move up for? Here are three players that would make at least some sense.

1. Michael Mayer

Mayer is the most well-rounded tight end in this year's draft and he stands out. The Notre Dame product would be an immediate starter on Miami's offense and his blocking is NFL level. This is easily a Mike McDaniel style TE that has flashes of a Kittle.

2. Matthew Bergeron

I have been pretty adamant that Chris Grier should stay away from offensive linemen on day two. He does not have a good track record but Bergeron could be the exception. He is strong, athletic, and can play both guard and tackle which is exactly what Miami need, versatility.

3. O'Cyrus Torrence

Torrence is another talented interior offensive lineman that could make an impact on a Dolphins roster. He isn't likely to fall to 51 and frankly, the Dolphins shouldn't be all to jumpy to move up and get him unless they are hard set on taking an offensive lineman.

The Miami Dolphins best option for tonight is to trade down and get more draft picks. There is no need to reach for a player. Of the three listed above, I would not move up for the second two. Mayer however, that might be a player worth looking into.