Miami Dolphins should sign Jevon Holland this off-season and save money

The Miami Dolphins can extend Jevon Holland this off-season. The former 2021 draft pick will be a free agent in 2025.

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
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Has Miami Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier learned a lesson from years of making bad contract decisions? We could find out with Jevon Holland.

Last year, the Dolphins could have paid Christian Wilkins a new contract that might have fallen around $78 million. They wanted to pay less. This year, Wilkins could go as high as the mid-90s. Grier has a habit of waiting a year too late.

Jevon Holland will enter his 4th NFL season and he is eligible to be extended. There is no 5th-year option for Holland but there is only one decision Grier has to make. Extend him now and pay less money than he will next year, or ride with this season and know he will likely be gone after the season.

Of course, there is also the option of challenging him to do better and then overpaying him in 2025.

Holland is a borderline elite safety. He is still getting better and last year's down season was a result of injury and Vic Fangio's use of him. Under Anthony Weaver, we should see him used differently, closer to the line, making an impact with timed and disguised blitzes. We should see him all over the field.

Grier has to decide if he wants Holland. He will be cheaper today than he will be tomorrow (2025). He will save the Dolphins cap space this year and a well-structured deal could save money next year as well.

The Dolphins have options but they have to decide if Holland is going to be part of this team long-term. That is the only question the Dolphins have to answer. If they can't, then next season they will be in a similar situation they are in with Wilkins. The only option they will have is the Franchise Tag to hold him another year beyond that. That isn't good for the team or the player.

Miami has to make decisions on Holland, Jaylen Waddle, and Jaelan Phillips at some point this offseason. With the latter two, it could just be 5th-year option. They don't have that with Holland.