Miami Dolphins should sign punter Matt Araiza so he can kick it to the Bills

Bills punter Matt Araiza

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Bills punter Matt Araiza Syndication Democrat And Chronicle / Shawn Dowd / USA TODAY NETWORK

Two years ago, Matt Araiza was a big pre-draft conversation piece and now, he is fighting to get back into the NFL. The Miami Dolphins should give him a call.

The AFC East is going to be one of the more interesting and physical divisions in all of the NFL this year and field position is going to play a major role in the outcome of games within the division. A little payback wouldn't hurt.

Araiza was drafted in the 6th round of the 2022 NFL Draft and he quickly gained fans when his big leg punted the ball some 80 yards in a pre-season contest. His booming kicks at San Diego State are as well-documented as his off-field issues that led to the Bills releasing him before final cuts.

Araiza's off-field situation was nothing to take lightly. He was accused by a minor of a sexual charge. It appeared to be ironclad. An investigation began and the Bills cut bait and walked away but the year-long investigation not only turned up nothing, but it also showed that Araiza wasn't at the party when the incident occurred.

He has maintained his innocence through all of it, so much so that he has refused to settle a personal lawsuit against him by the accuser. Now, he is fighting not for his freedom and name but also for his future in the NFL.

A year ago, no NFL team would have touched Araiza but now, he shouldn't be blackballed for a false claim that investigators now say have no merrit.

Araiza will inevitably return to the NFL, and he should with this ugly scene behind him so why not the Miami Dolphins? He may not be a squeaky clean character but who is?

Miami would be, or should be an interesting option for the punter. They have two punters on the roster but only Bailey has NFL experience and Michael Turk is an undrafted rookie. While both have good legs, neither are have the booming ability that Araiza has.

He wouldn't be expensive and the Dolphins could easily look at making this a three player competition from now until the end of mini-camps and OTAs and then a two-man battle in training camp.

In 2021, Araiza kicked two punts over 80 yards and two others in the high 70's. Within a division that could come down to changing field position, Araiza makes sense for the Dolphins but the question is can he escape the reputation he apparently didn't deserve to be labled with?