Miami Dolphins sign former Chief Linebacker Mike Rose

NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Finishing the seventh day of training camp, Miami Dolphins are still moving some pieces to bring the best out of the team and have a shot at the Super Bowl. The Miami franchise has made some moves in the roaster and has signed the linebacker Mike Rose. Last spring, Rose played for St. Louis Battlehwaks of the XFL.

During his time in the XFL, Mike Rose has played eight games with six starts. During those eight games, he made a total of 35 tackles. In 2022, the new Dolphins signing spent the offseason and training camp with Kansas City after closing a deal with the Chiefs as an undrafted college agent on May 9th, 2022.

The history of Mike with the NFL begins in May 2016, when he signed with the New York Giants, but only three months after, the team decided to release the player.

At the collegiately level, Mike Rose was a first-team All-American and the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year. After college, the linebacker didn't have a chance to prove his abilities in the NFL, and after being waived by the Chiefs, he decided to try luck in the XFL.

This signing is a way of upgrading the competition in the linebacker position, but being realistic is almost impossible that Rose can compete with the other players in that position.

If we compare him with Jaelen Phillips, we can see that Jaelen has more combined tackles in his rookie year than Rose in his time in the XFL. But we can't let the number of games played by both escape; this means that Jaelen has played nearly ten games more than Mike and only got seven more tackles than him. Rose could bring tough competition to win a place in the 53-player list.