Fans will rejoice seeing this new retro Miami Dolphins Starter jacket

The Miami Dolphins fanbase can finally get its hands on history!

HomagePhinPhanatic / HomagePhinPhanatic

Nothing was better than the satin Starter jackets of the 1990s. To this day, they scream Don Shula. They scream Dan Marino. They scream tradition. Now, Miami Dolphins fans have a chance to take that rare step back in time because the jackets are coming back!

Homage is bringing back the Starter style and you can get your hands on them now. Pair these with your outdated Zubaz and get ready to rock two decades of classic Miami Dolphins merch!

This isn't something that has gone out of style, either. Over the years, Dolphins fans have prided themselves in still owning the satin jacket or one of the other Starter designs. In fact, it's still talked about on social media.

Starter jackets were the absolute best. When they went away, there wasn't anything worth taking its place. To this day, we still remember turning the pages in the winter catalogs to see the new designs or heading to the local sports store to check out the new look.

For the most part, you had to wait for the first game of the season when the players and coaches donned them on the sideline once the weather started to get colder. Even Don Shula had one of his ProLine coaching cards photographed with him wearing the jacket.

Everyone is cool enough to pull these off. We can pretty much guarantee that there will be far more fans jealous of you wearing it than thinking otherwise.

Many fans, included me, sported this look ~30 years ago. We wore them to the grocery store, the movies, the mall, and, of course, to the games. We wore them so much that the pocket linings frayed and when we couldn't buy another one to replace them, misery set in.

It's funny. There simply isn't anything like those days anymore. You can't out and grab the latest design knowing that a year from now, an all new design was on the way, so you had to keep up with the releases. That was the best part about buying these styles of clothing. It's all changed.

There was nothing like Zubaz, a Shark Tooth New Era hat, and your starter jacket. Absolutely nothing! Now, we get a shot at it again!