Miami Dolphins still outside of the Top 3 in the latest NFL power rankings

Miami Dolphins are in first position in the AFC East, and both a division title and a playoff contender, but still remains out of the Top 3 in NFL power rankings.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts
Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

Heading into week 16, the NFL released a new power ranking. Like every week, the top 10 has changed with some surprises, but one team stayed at the top of this ranking for nearly the entire season. This team is the San Fransisco 49ers, who are a clear Super Bowl contender. However, on the other side, we have the Philadelphia Eagle, which started at the top. And now they are not even in the Top 3 of this rank. 

Who are the other teams in the Top 10?

Dropping one place in this rank, we found the Jacksonville Jaguars as the number ten. After losing to the Ravens, the Jaguars finished the week with a record of 8-6. In the ninth position, we have the Cleveland Browns. Even though they won their game against the Chicago Bears, they dropped one place inside the rank. 

Upgrading two positions, we have the Buffalo Bills in eighth place. After beating the Dallas Cowboys by 31-10, the Bills ended the week with a record of 8-6. Maintaining their place as last week, in seventh place, we have the Detroit Lions. One spot ahead of them, we have the Kansas City Chiefs, who maintain the sixth position as they did last week. 

The next team on the list is the Philadelphia Eagles, currently in the fifth position of this ranking. After losing to the Seattle Seahawks 17-20, the Eagles dropped one spot in this rank. The team currently in fourth place is the Miami Dolphins. After their win against the New York Jets, the Dolphins boosted one place in this rank and finished the week with a record of 10-4.

Top 3

The Dallas Cowboys are in the third position of this rank. Although they lost against the Bills last week, they maintain their position one more week. In second place, we found the Baltimore Ravens. After their crushing victory against the Jaguars, they finished the week with a record of 11-3. As we said before, the number one team on this rank is the San Francisco 49ers, with a record of 11-3.