Miami Dolphins: The keys to beating the Buffalo Bills

The final game of the regular season between the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills will have so much riding on the outcome.
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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The Miami Dolphins and Vic Fangio need to run a little less man coverage.

The Miami Dolphins haven't been an overwhelming-man coverage team this season. They've played mostly zone probably but still ran some man coverage.

It seemed last week that the Dolphins ran a ton of man coverage, which is surprising because their chief goal was to contain Lamar Jackson, which they did. However especially after Xavien Howard went down on the first play of the game, the Ravens ran a bunch of crossers and Dolphins-style plays that confused the defense which made many of their big plays big wide-open plays.

With the loss of Bradley Chubb and Xavien Howard, I would think Fangio would take a more zone approach and I think he should. I don't know how much pressure the Dolphins will be able to generate with their front four now with Andrew Van Ginkel and Emmanual Ogbah being the main rushers so coverage is going to have to be paramount.

What I don't want to see is James Cook, Dalton Kincaid, and Stefon Diggs running naked across the field with guys trailing them and Josh Allen just casually throws a 30-yarder to them like it's nothing all because a few defenders got purposely ran into and the Bill's receiver rubbed off of that collision and were wide open.

No idea if everyone will get their wish and we get Jalen Ramsey on Diggs, but I wouldn't expect it too much from the Fangio. He likes what he likes and I don't think he'll bend here.