Miami Dolphins: The keys to beating the Buffalo Bills

The final game of the regular season between the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills will have so much riding on the outcome.
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
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The Miami Dolphins need to possess the ball for as long as they can.

I know this is going to come off as weird and slightly bizarre but I almost want the Miami Dolphins to not have many chunk plays. I understand that you want every play to be the biggest play possible and all that.

But this defense is very wounded right now. I know the offense is as well but I have slightly more confidence in the offense at this very second. Keeping the defense off the field thus giving Josh Allen and his murder the Dolphins at all-cost approach he has off the field I think is what needs to happen.

This means that staying out of 3rd and long and converting more 3rd downs that they have of late needs to occur. I'd love to see more Berrios and Smythe do work on 3rd down.

I would love to see a few 12-play drives during the game. Running the ball on 3rd and short is something that needs to be embraced along with not trying to be in a hurry. These are things that Mike McDaniel has shown issues with making part of his game plan. It is now time that he makes these concepts part of his weekly game plan.