Miami Dolphins: The keys to beating the Buffalo Bills

The final game of the regular season between the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills will have so much riding on the outcome.
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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The Miami Dolphins need to play loose.

Nothing at the moment is going the Dolphin's way. They have an infirmary room that would make Hawkeye Pierce cry. They're coming off their latest embarrassing loss against a heavy-hitting team, Tyreek Hill's house went up in flames. Nothing is trending their way.

In fact, the only reason to pick the Dolphins I think is because everything is going against them. So this is the time to take them is a way you can think of it.

Either way, the Dolphins need to come out loose. The season isn't over after this game. They're in the playoffs so you can tell yourself that all you need to do is get into the tournament and then see what happens. We've seen teams go on a run that has no business to go on runs. I mean I don't love this mentality because it's sort of letting yourself off the hook if you don't deliver but whatever gets this team to not press, I'll take it.

Miami can't come out and play flat to Buffalo. We've seen too many times Buffalo or the Ravens have their first possession go right down the field like Miami isn't even there.

I can see it now. Big run to James Cook, 15-yard dig route to Diggs or Gabe Davis, play-action with zero pressure getting to Allen and he hits Kincaid on a big crossing route, and then a TD from the six-yard line. and it's 7-0 Bills. I can see it now because this scenario has happened so many times.

Miami can't let Buffalo dictate to them from the beginning. If that happens it's just about over. Someone needs to make a play, early, in the game for the Dolphins.

Our music of the week comes from Lamb of God. Love this song. It's a defining melody that keeps coming at you. That's what the Dolphins need to do. I hope they do that.

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