Miami Dolphins: The Keys to beating the Kansas City Chiefs - Wild Card edition

The Miami Dolphins have a real chance to advance this week and these keys to the game will go a long way in getting to the divisional round.

Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs / Alex Grimm/GettyImages
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The Miami Dolphins travel to Kansas City where they will be dealing with a plethora of challenges but that doesn't mean that it's impossible for them to win.

For the record, I want the Miami Dolphins to win on Saturday night. I don't care if the chances of them winning a Super Bowl this year are small or if winning means keeping Tua at quarterback. I haven't seen a playoff victory since Lamar Smith ran for 200+ yards 23 years ago.

As bad as this team has let me down as of late, I will feel better if they win on Saturday. Winning playoff games should be deemed as a positive thing.

But it will be far from easy. We know about the weather that is happening in Kansas City and what it will be like on Saturday night. Sub-zero temperatures with high winds are expected. We're fully aware of the stats about how well Miami and Tua do in temperatures under 40 degrees. Maybe they're better when at five degrees.

We also have the best defensive pass-rush group... if it were 2017. With all the injuries to the defensive line, the Miami Dolphins have outsourced the outside linebacker jobs to guys who were sitting at home a few days ago. It is what it is but what it is isn't fun to think about.

Jevon Holland is sounding like he's firing off at 50% and his availability is questionable at best.

Jaylen Waddle should be good to go but Raheem Mostert is a bit more unclear.

So with how the season ended for the Dolphins, the extreme weather they will be dealing with(And no the game shouldn't be moved under any circumstance) all the injuries they have acquired over the last month, I still see no reason not to win on Saturday.

I realize the Chiefs are the defending champs, but we know they aren't anywhere near the same team as last year or even the one that beat Miami in Germany this year. Neither are the Dolphins but to me, the Chiefs are a worse version of the Bills. Excellent quarterback, with a solid defense but has worse skilled players and not as good as an offensive line. That's my quick assessment of the Chiefs.

It will be a crazy atmosphere in those elements and everything is pointing to a first-round exit for the Miami Dolphins. But I won't be shocked if the Dolphins win. Here's what they need to do to get the divisional round.