Miami Dolphins: The Keys to beating the Kansas City Chiefs - Wild Card edition

The Miami Dolphins have a real chance to advance this week and these keys to the game will go a long way in getting to the divisional round.
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs / Alex Grimm/GettyImages
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The Miami Dolphins are going to have communicate better than any other time this year.

The sub-zero cold will not make the Arrowhead Stadium any less full and it will definitely not make it any less ruckus. Chiefs Nation will be loving every moment of this game because they know it will probably be the last time they play in Kansas City this season.

The Miami Dolphins are going to have to deal with the crowd noise especially on 3rd downs and in big moments. They struggled earlier in the year in Buffalo and were a little better with it in Philadelphia. But, I thought they took a step back in the department of communicating well and not having dumb pre-snap penalties against the Ravens.

If the Dolphins are going to be able to upset the Chiefs then the last thing they could do is have a 2nd and 7 and instantly turn that into a 2nd and 12. That would get the crowd even louder and that is something this offense doesn't need.

Mike McDaniel needs to be crisp in his delivery of the play, Tua needs to do the same and everyone in the huddle needs to be actively listening like they've never actively listened before.

Make it a goal to have zero false starts, zero illegal motions, and zero delay of games or moments where you have to burn a timeout to avoid a delay of game. I like this as a goal.